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Earth Observation For Land And Emergency Monitoring

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Earth Observation Science (EOS) is the study of the global Earth land-ocean-atmosphere system through observations


GIONET combines industrial partners with universities and research institutes, and this book provides a perspective on Earth Observation applications that is motivated by the cross-fertilisation of both sectors

Hence, this book will find readers in both industry and academia

If you are interested in remote sensing applications and looking for inspiration, this is the book for you.

In addition, surface observations, and measurements from aircraft, balloons and sounding rockets provide valuable contributors to what are now termed integrated, global observing systems. Coupled with models, the EOS measurement suites provide powerful tools for research into the factors controlling and changing the Earth system in which we live

It draws on new research outcomes from the European FP7 project GIONET European Centre of Excellence in Earth Observation Research Training

It uses advanced concepts of multi-sensor image integration, multi-temporal analysis and synergies between data and models

The objectives of this book are to describe new methods and applications of satellite technology in the fields of land and emergency monitoring

The principal tools for such studies are measurements from space since these provide the coverage of the planet that is necessary to capture the behaviour of the entire coupled system

This book highlights a broad range of innovative uses of Earth Observation technology to support environmental management, decision making, crisis management and climate policies

This is a truly interdisciplinary subject that encompasses a range of applications in various fields which are discussed in detail throughout the text